We build AI technology to enhance the creativity of music artists

Music Recording

To demonstrate the viability of our technology, we are currently producing music written with AI


I'm Coming Home to You Now

Genre : Country

Burning Down Our Love

Genre : Alternative Rock

I Would Wait for You

Genre : EDM Pop


Coming soon...

Let Our Dreams Fall Down

Genre : Indie Pop


Coming soon...



SAM is our suite of AI-powered music creation tools, designed to give artists a faster way to create better music

Artists can use SAM to quickly write high-quality unique melodies

SAM also creates chords and lyrics to assist the workflow



High-value music

SAM in training

SAM’s AI neural engine is first trained with chart-topping music

SAM imagining new melodies

Melodies, chords, and lyrics

Once training is complete, SAM unleashes its imagination and can create hundreds of new melodies in seconds

Hundreds of melodies

SAM filtering for the best music ideas

Best melodies

SAM is also its own critic : from the hundreds of created melodies, SAM ranks them based on quality and presents the best results to the user


SAM Agent R

Create melodies using the knowledge of chart-topping music

SAM Agent T

Create melodies based on lyrics or text

SAM Agent C

Create melodies based on a chord progression



Is SAM really 100% free to use?

Yes. Our mission is to make SAM available to every songwriter and music producer. We allow access to our product for free, so that we can demonstrate the popularity and viability of SAM. We can also improve SAM with user feedback.

Why do I have to register or log in?

By registering or logging in with your Google or Facebook account, we can create a SAM account for you. With this private account, you can access the melodies created by SAM.

Will other users be able to see my lyrics, chord progressions, and melodies?

No, with your private account, only you will be able to see your requests and the melodies created by SAM.

How long does it take to create the melodies?

For each request, the melodies are created in around 3 minutes. The run time is a result of creating hundreds of melodies, checking for plagiarism, and then selecting the top 10.

How many requests can I make?

You can make up to 10 requests per 24 hours. Requests will be deleted after 24 hours. So make sure to download the melodies created by SAM, or they would be lost forever.

What software can I use to view the XML and MID files?

We recommend using MuseScore to view the XML and MID files. You can also open the MID files in a DAW.


Machine Learning Engineer


Wayne Cheng is the founder and machine learning engineer at Audoir. His focus is on the use of generative deep learning to create songwriting tools. Prior to starting Audoir, he worked as a design engineer for Silicon Valley startups, and an audio engineer for creative organizations. He has a MSEE from UC Davis, and a Music Technology degree from Foothill College.

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Record Producer


Robert Thomas is a composer, producer and audio engineer from San Jose, California. After writing his first feature film score in 2020 for Drive All Night by Peter Hsieh, he joined Audior to create promotional music. His fusion of rock, blues, orchestral and electronic genres creates a unique colour for a wide variety of projects. He graduated from San Jose State University in 2019 with a B.A. in Communication Studies.

    Director of Marketing


    Peter leads and develops various marketing communication strategies for Audoir including social media, content, and public relations. Previously, he was Director of Marketing and Communications at American Leadership Forum and Marketing Manager at Weltrend Technologies. Peter graduated from the University of California Irvine with a B.A. in English and is also an award winning writer.

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    Mixing Engineer


    David Vargas is a freelance audio engineer, producer, and Hip-Hop artist. He has worked with many local musicians to write, record, and mix their own original music. With a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from San Diego State University and numerous music technology courses and real life experience under his belt, creating great songs has become an everyday goal.



      Coming soon...


      Coming Soon...

      Dec. 21, 2020



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