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SAM is our suite of AI-powered songwriting tools, designed to help artists create hit songs. Artists can use SAM to quickly write melodies, chords, and lyrics.

To get started, click on any of the SAM Agents on the menu. Each SAM Agent is a songwriting tool that generates music based on user input. For more info, check out the FAQ.

Getting server status

Getting jobs in queue

Using SAM Agents

Each SAM Agent has options that allow you to control the tool. After selecting the options, click on the Captcha, and then click on the SUBMIT REQUEST button.

Occasionally, the server will be down for maintenance, and the server status will be OFFLINE. If this happens, please be come back later once the server is back ONLINE.

For most Agents, you can try out the tool by just using the default options.

To use Agent E and Agent N, you have to copy and paste all the contents from a MusicXML file generated by SAM.


The following describes the SAM Agents :

  • Agent L : create lyrics from text

  • Agent R : create music from scratch

  • Agent T : create music from lyrics or text

  • Agent C : create music from chord progression

  • Agent E : extend motif

  • Agent N : create music from motof

Downloading and Previewing Generated Music

After submitting the request, you will be redirected to the SAM DASHBOARD.  For each request, the music is created in around 1 minute.

You can make up to 10 requests per hour. Requests will be deleted after 1 hour.

Once the buttons turn yellow, you can DOWNLOAD or PREVIEW the files.

Each request will contain 4 folders :

  • mid : MIDI files that can be imported into a DAW

  • mp3 : MP3 files that can be used to preview the music

  • txt : lyrics

  • xml : MusicXML files that can be viewed with MuseScore

How to Use the SAM Generated Music

The generated music is the SAM's best interpretation of hit music. The music is intended to enhance your songwriting and music creation workflow. You can choose to use the SAM generated music as much or as little you want in your creative process.

The way that I use SAM is that I first preview the generated MP3 files. Once I hear an interesting motif, I would tag the song.

Once I've gone through all the generated MP3 files, I would then review the tagged songs. Then I would manually develop a motif from the generated music into a song section such as a Verse or Chorus. This human-AI collaboration is known as a "human-in-the-loop" interaction.


I would also use the SAM generated lyrics as placeholder lyrics for the melody.

To create a song, I usually start with Agent R, Agent T, or Agent C. After writing the first song section, I would then use Agent E or Agent N to assist with the writing of the other song sections.